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Drop and Collect Servicing

At Autoclave Engineering we are aware it might not always be ideal to have an engineer on site due to not having the room, the practice being to busy or even just not being able to allow us access.

Thus the reason we have created "Drop and Collect Servicing".

Whether your piece of equipment is due a Service, Pressure Vessel Inspection, Repair or Testing to HTM we have two designated drop off points where you can bring your equipment to us.

We have a created a online booking system that allows you to enter your details, choose what date and time you would like drop your equipment off, along with what type of work you would like done to your equipment (service, repair etc) and the time you would like to pick up your equipment. We will carry out all the work in our workshops and let you know when the equipment is ready for collection.

(All work carried out through our "Drop and Collect Service" is 10% cheaper than if we were to attend your site. And obviously has no travel time or mileage charges, so making it even cheaper for our clients)

If you have any queries regarding this service please don't hestitate to contact us via our contact page.

  • For service/testing and PVI a quote will be emailed to you within 30 minutes

  • Breakdown cost will vary depending on diagnostic inspection

Step 1. Your Contact Details

Step 2. Your Machine Details

Step 3. Your Service Requirements