Calibration is the definition given to ensuring your unit is measuring within its given operation limits. At autoclave engineering we strive to give the client the confidence in there equipment and with this we check the units calibration and operation on an annual basis.

If a testing contract is put in place the calibration checking is carried out at the exact same frequency as testing. I.e. quarterly, six monthly or annually, otherwise it will be checked on an annual visit where the unit is put through a test carried out with UKAS Traceable temperature and pressure calibration equipment, any adjustments are made and the unit will be placed thought a cycle and temperatures and pressures monitored.

At Autoclave Engineering we use Fluke NetDaq Data Logger, Temperature we use Ametek Jofra ATC 156A and CTC 135A, for Pressure we use a Druck DPI610 Absolute Pressure. All our are calibrated by UKAS accredited test facilities and allows us to offer calibration to UKAS traceable standards.