About Us

Founded in November 2011, Autoclave Engineering was set up with one goal in mind:

“Offer a client focussed service, meeting all decontamination equipment needs”

With this in mind we are devoted to servicing, repairing and maintaining all makes and models of decontamination equipment available on the market.   This business model allows us to offer the best possible deal and negates the need for our clients to hold multiple contracts with numerous service engineers.

Our highly trained experts have almost two decade’s worth of experience in the decontamination and biomedical equipment industry.  From bench top autoclaves to walk in sterilisers,  under bench washers to rack washers, even compressors and boilers we are able to provide you with a custom solution to meet your requirements.   This strategy sets us apart from many of our direct competitors who tend to only service their own equipment. 

At Autoclave Engineering we are focused on in keeping up to date with current legislation across a number of business sectors and are able to provide up to date services and guidance that all of our clients require. We meet or exceed all statutory and regulatory requirements and have procedures and processes in place to ensure that we continue to maintain these high standards and remain a leading, credible and proven independent service provider within the Decontamination Sector.

We believe in offering a quality and cost effective service to our clients and therefore do not charge a excessively on emergency repair services as countless other manufacturers and service providers do.

By trusting your contracts with Autoclave engineering you have the peace of mind knowing that all your contracts are covered, are cost effective and that you as the client are at the centre of what we do.

  • Neil Anderson