Advisory services

Autoclave Engineering can offer the advice and support needed to ensure that your decontamination facility is compliant and up to date with all current regulations. It can often be complicated and difficult to keep up to date with new regulation or guideline compliancy, new products and equipment.

As part of our independent advisory service we are happy to give advice on products, equipment and service contracts offered by various suppliers and manufacturers. As we are independent of the manufacturers we can offer advice on the models and services available as we don’t want you having to pay out more than you actually need to.


Along with this service we also provide operator/user training of equipment and on-site talks we are also happy to attend any seminars and give guidance or carry out servicing of equipment. This year we will be attending an annual BCPA first aid course where we will be carrying out service, calibration and PVI checks on there members autoclaves, we are more than happy to attend these events and offer guidance and services.